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Oliver Brümmer

Our founder.

Oliver is a mid-30 Germany-based execution-driven intra- and entrepreneur. He is a founding member of Germany‘s first strategy and innovation consultancy accelerator the Deloitte Garage. Besides his demanding main job at Bilfinger Digital Next, Oliver is the lincensee and founder of the nonprofit organisation "TEDx Mannheim". He is also the founder of his most ambitious project until now "The Hackathon Company GmbH" with more than 15 employees. 

Founder & CEO

Our awesome team.

Daniela Hölzer

Chief Operating Officer

Jonas Köhler

Marketing + PR

Tim Caspary

Business Development

Lukas Schlund

Chief Strategy Officer

Ebru Balci


Jan Gaydoul

Business Development

Arnaud Thien

Product Management

Larissa Streb

HR & Office Management

Rayna Topalska

Project Management

Kira Biernat

Content Marketing


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The Hackathon Company GmbH | 2020

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